The ViolinWorks Warm-up Page
These Classical warm-ups assume that the student has well-learned the fundamentals for Beginners and for level One Violin.

The hands should closely look like the photographs

All muscles should be loose.
Disciplined, but loose.

The student still LIKES to play the violin ...
La Cinquantaine
Polka Criolla
Foxtrot Rag


How To Do It


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Note to Fiddlers

I have heard it said that thinking too much technique interferes with 'feeling the music'.
True enough.

Turn this thought around:

There's this great tune you would give a million bucks to play, but it still has these notes that you 'just can't get'.

What to do?

Fiddlers: get your hands looking right!!
(And learn your scales...)
Sheehan's Reel
Red-Haired Boy
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The Classical Player

Warm-ups Level 2

Warm-ups Level 3

Warm-ups Level 4

Warm-ups Level 5

Warm-ups Level 6

Warm-ups Level 7

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Warm-up Words

Violin-playing is a flow of muscles, as is soccer, cycling ....

We have to ease into it ... unless you're an orchestra player, in which case you play 18 hours a day and you're always warmed-up.

Invite the student to spend 5 minutes at the beginning of the lesson doing whichever of the warm-ups you have assigned to be learned.

You can learn much about the student's practice habits by watching this warm-up.
TIP: busy yourself with filing your music or doing some complicated scheduling and pretend you're not listening.

Remember - it's a warm-up, not a performance. Encourage repair-work as the warm-up proceeds.

If you've been too busy to warm-up yourself, join in.

The Folk Player  

Warm-ups Beginner #1

Warm-ups beginner #2

Warm-ups Advanced #1 

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How To Do It

Everything Loose
Everything Curled

A good bow hand is a hand at rest ...

Bow square, show a little hair ...
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