Hello -

IN 1983, I graduated in Violin Performance from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

From the beginning my object was to teach violin for a living and to play violin for pleasure.

This is 2013 - and I'm still at it!

In 1983, I began 15 years of travelling to 5 towns each week, teaching countless lessons. From the most-talented to the least-talented, many hundreds of students have contributed to my own growth as a teacher. A curious calculation: my travels took me 6 1/2 times around the earth!!! (Ah, the energy of youth!!)
By 1999, my travelling days were done - I have a beautiful attached studio (windows! and high ceilings!!), and now everyone comes to me! I am most fortunate to work at something I love to do.

Many of my students have become very good players indeed - a few have entered the professional field. Most are competent players - many continue to play in their home communities - and this has been a source of much pleasure to me.

They ALL play well in tune and their bowing produces a solid and expressive tone.

My ARRANGEMENTS are  a natural outgrowth of my teaching. Often, they were designed for a specific small-ensemble of students, and their technical requirements reflect their abilities at that time. I continue to use them at our concerts and community performances. (more)

My FINGERING and BOWING MANUALS are a summary of the many fingering and bowing activities and exercises that have grown out of this teaching experience. (fingering)  (bowing)

I know that you will find these books to be useful. They are not intended to replace your own methods - I expect that in some of the details, you may have a different technical opinion. Even so, the wide variety of activities in the Manuals will surely add something useful to the way that YOU teach.


Peter Dunn and ViolinWorks